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Bousure’s urbex world

Four photos from the urbex master of Benelux and France - Bousure. See his Flickr collections @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/30430801@N06/collections/

Bousure’s urbex world

Four photos from the urbex master of Benelux and France - Bousure. See his Flickr collections @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/30430801@N06/collections/

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Abandoned - the gallery

My Flickr collection inspired by RomanyWG (Jeremy Gibbs), who published the urbex photography book Beauty In Decay in 2010 

Click above pic to see them properly, with links to originals

And for more on the book and this way of looking at the unloved and obsolete, see http://www.talkurbex.com/2010/09/beauty-in-decay-interview-with-mr-romanywgjeremy-gibbs-%E2%80%94-guest-of-the-month/ 

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One of 25 photos in this series by Harri Pälviranta, taken in places where political prisoners are and have been incarcerated. 

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Abandoned aluminium factory photographed by Alex Vetri (Italy)

See more of his urbex work in this Flickr gallery, along with some other personal favourites (my favs, that is)

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I wish I had HIS life …

Jaime Silva lives in Lisbon, Portugal, but crosses Europe every August, photographing buildings and cities

… like St Petersburg


and Dresden

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cloggo: kateoplis: Tobey Smith | Light After Dark, winner of Fujifilm Distinction Award

Cloggo: What a delightful and reassuring sight. Drax Power station giving me warmth and light  on a still night with not a blade stirring on or a single Watt coming from  any wind farm in England.

Me: But why has this pic attracted going on 7000 notes? It’s certainly not getting one from me.

Oh I see, because Fuji told us it was good, and all the sheeple obliged.

Besides, the cynic or realist in me says the award was probably underwritten by nuclear energy interests.

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Englishman RomanyWG is one of the real forces in urbex photography, and has lately produced a book called Beauty In Decay, featuring 49 photographers.
I wouldn’t normally promote a book but must make an exception here because I bought it and have been quite bowled over by the quality. It is a well-bound hard-covered art book and sells at Amazon for only $US25.
Click pix here through to my collection of favourite pix of abandoned buildings and industry, and to their source pages. Those above these words are by RomanyWG himself and those below by German Kiekmal.

RomanyWG also documents street art and murals …

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Read here the story of an urbex addict’s first, impulsive, break-in to an abandoned asylum. A scary but thrilling experience, and he got some great pix out of it.

Urbex for some is a mixture of art and adrenalin — first they have to find a way in to places that have been locked up and may be under guard  — and the most satisfaction comes from getting into a building or tunnel that hasn’t yet been explored.

I’m totally with them (from the comfort and safety of my couch).

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