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Skarabokki = Kokkomedia = here

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If I’m not here I may be unplugged! Otherwise, check these …

"I didn’t fight to get women out from behind vacuum cleaners to get them onto the board of Hoover" - Germaine Greer

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to all my friends here

Actually let’s be honest - what do we love and hate about Christmas, hmmm?

I hate the guilt trip that afflicts me until my “duty” is done - but having done it I can sit here sanctimoniously now and tell my readers I donated to animal welfare (great cause!), made overdue phone calls and wrote 10 e-letters just in the nick of time.

However I did not go shopping.

I love when Christmas is about catching up with people, drinking, laughing, writing letters, making donations, carols; food and did I mention drink, and plenty of that. I don’t even mind the odd religious story thrown in; but the focus on spending is obscene and good only for the retailers.

If you disagree with that then the bad news is there are only 365 shopping days till NEXT Christmas! Get back on that treadmill!

Sources of the pix:

1. Winter, 2. Christmas ball, 3. Have yourself a merry little Christmas., 4. Feliz Navidad a todos¡¡¡ - Happy Christmas to all¡¡¡, 5. Raphael’s ‘Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints (detail expanded), 6. Christmas Window 

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Abandoned aluminium factory photographed by Alex Vetri (Italy)

See more of his urbex work in this Flickr gallery, along with some other personal favourites (my favs, that is)

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I wish I had HIS life …

Jaime Silva lives in Lisbon, Portugal, but crosses Europe every August, photographing buildings and cities

… like St Petersburg


and Dresden

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Jane Marie Cleveland in Flickr

Specialties: building details and the colour grey, so neglected in a photographic world inclined to pump up the volume on colour!

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Gregoire and friends in abandoned places

Now if Amplify is doing what it promises to do you will see below these few words a do-up of pix of intriguing rooms long since abandoned by all but the dedicated urbex photographer. And below that will be a key with links to each item. And you will see it whether you’re in Amplify, Posterous or Tumblr, with a note to Twitter and Facebook as well. Plus, I will see it in Delicious. All sounds marvellous, doesn’t it, but Amplify has not delivered on its promises in recent days. Let’s see.


Tableau features work of Flickr’s JREJ (Gregoire Cachemaille, who lives in Berlin), Mobileohm (Paris) and friends.
Click here to see it large or even at 1225px
See key below for individual pix on their Flickr pages
1. Red Room, 2. Theatre, Krampnitz, 3. New Sky Building, 4. Square Room,
5. [ Potters living room ], 6. Welcome to my Nightmare, 7. Der Sessel am Fenster, 8. The Watcher, 9. [ abandoned children’s home .02 ], 10. executive, 11. nature at work, 12. in my bed, 13. united color of communism, 14. unarmed, 15. royal,
16. Working class luxus suite

 See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/b56x

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