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We once drove from an island SW of Greece all the way to Latvia via five other communist countries.
No work there so we decided to drive SW till we ran out of land.
Got some domestic and restaurant work at an outpost in Spain - till we were sacked for incompetence - and drove on down to an island SW of Portugal.
Ahhh, no work there either so back via Spain and France and up to Scotland this time.
From John O’Groats we caught a flight to London, and that was the start of my love affair with Europe - real Europe.                   

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Well now I’ve finally got it. Julian Assange was brought up in an Aryan supremacist cult — the snow-white hair is no accident! The cult (“The Family”) was set up by a theosophist along the lines of the Nazi “Lebensborn” breeding program; and the Pirate Bay also has Nazi connections. Anna Ardin is a double agent. Join the dots and you end up in Illuminati territory; Assange DOES equal Saddam, or Satan, as American TV has been saying all along!

I have spent a good couple of hours trying to make sense of the logic and theories here, since these and similar ones have done the rounds of crackpot conspiracy sites and forums, and appear to be believed by many.

Well … at least this line of inquiry from Assange to Illuminati balances, or maybe neutralises, the other theory doing the rounds — among 911 “truthers” and some pro-Palestinian groups — that WikiLeaks is an Israeli PsyOps project.

Mainstream Australian papers — which have no interest in defending or protecting Assange — have mentioned two facts that the conspiracists ran with. Julian’s stepfather was thought to have had a relative who was in The Family, and his parents broke up acrimoniously three years after they married.

Maybe mum Christine will say more at some stage but really we don’t know. All *I* know is that Julian is extraordinarily intelligent and well read. The pseudo-scholars and academics with PhDs and crackpot websites and radio shows can safely be disregarded.

As can Fox News, which also spreads the idea that he’s disturbed and deranged. Here’s “Dr Keith Ablow” of Fox’s “Medical A-Team”: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2010/12/14/dr-keith-ablow-inside-mind-julian-assange/

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Poster for the attention of Oz PM Gillard, published in The Australian (national newspaper) today. This is work of the GetUp! pressure group, which has massive support from the public to run a campaign on behalf of WikiLeaks and Assange.

Best viewed BIG though:

flickr.com/photos/judefa/5262113965/sizes/o/ [flickr.com]

pls feel free to reblog or use the Flickr image, but make sure you point to GetUp:


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Dear friends

I just arrived home from holiday late last night.
It has been a fantastic few weeks, mostly in old haunts.

The photos I have uploaded so far don’t really reflect how I spent my time, but they will show you some places I visited and really enjoyed. There are captions on some of them.

~ ~ ~

Not shown in the photos … my time made me reflect very much on illness, death and how fragile life is for some people. Three of those I was with are ailing, and I have known them all or most of my life.

I do feel well rested though, and have had a very “human” holiday.

Now back to feeding this beast, I suppose, but nah! I will not let it rule me! Or at the very least I will cut back on blogs that don’t really “speak” to me, or those with which/whom I feel little connection.
If we don’t set some limits it all just becomes a mush, eh?


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Hey Dink, got you a man already!


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Tindink flew out of Australia last night after her second long stay, with only eight months at home in the UK in between.

While back in the (to her) miserable, cold, wet and gloomy UK she had longed to be here in the sun and among cheerier people – and back she came!
In spite of frustration at times with internet connections and losing contact with people she loves, she did absolutely blossom here!

She will blanch when she reads these words in a day or two, wondering what’s coming next and I do like to keep her guessing … so what am I going to tell them about you, Dink?


OK, this photo taken by Greg (Peciacake) shows our readers what a sweetheart and sweet heart you are, and what an impish smile you have; no need to mention that.

I’m going to talk to them about other things, so avert your eyes.


~ ~ ~


Through Dink I have met some fantastic people, such as her daughter, son-in-law and grandson, and our friends Greg and Dianne.
Actually, Dink and I only met G and D on this trip but the four of us bonded like Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, since we shared a hotel suite on our first two nights together!



Greg was just a good internet friend until we all met up last October, but since then he and his wife and Dink and I have loved getting together and I smile when I remember how good Greg was in bed.
And out of it!
What I really meant to say is that Greg has a great bedside manner, but you’ve got to get the suggestion of sex into it to hold people’s attentions on these networks, I find; especially the young ones.

Fact is, Dink and I were given a queen bed on that first night “together” (on this trip) and she absolutely put her foot down about it!
I am not sleeping with you, she said, and rang hotel reception.
Separate beds were arranged and we have never shared more than a hug since.
She does like a big hug though.



But I am not going to tell you anything private and personal about Tindink except that she is more than the sum of her parts as shown in her internet play spaces here and there, and she is popular, both online and IRL, because she is genuinely benevolent and also a very attentive friend.

If you weren’t hearing from her personally as much as usual over the last five months, rest assured it was only because her lifestyle was different here. She was busy with family, or on the move — but never stopped asking me how various SU friends were and what she was missing.

When she gets home she has a lot of people to catch up with, 700 photos to go through and a bunch of forms to fill out.
Greg has already decided she must live in Miranda, in the southern suburbs of Sydney, and I can point her to a craft and scrapbooking shop there too. The arrangement seems perfect.


Conulla Beach photographed by Greg


Distances in Australia, and even Sydney, are large.
It was a two-hour trip yesterday, for example, from near the centre of the city, where I live, to Cronulla Beach, where we spent our last day. It’s not like my old home city in NZ where 20 minutes is a long commute.

Neither Dink nor I drive (at least I haven’t for 20 years), but Greg stepped into the breach a few times these past couple of months and got us about. But he didn’t just get us about, he got us laughing, talking and listening as well.

I have to tell you he has been a treasure!
I laugh thinking of his goofy grin, and at his wry and mischievous humour; but am also fascinated with his stories of a completely different experience of life than my own.
He is quite unusual for an Aussie guy in being – er sorry, average Aussie guys – interesting, intelligent and well-read, although like them in being very friendly and unpretentious.

Dink was and is a national Treasure with a cap T – so nicknamed by our Cloggo, who thinks the world of her — but Greg and his sweetheart of a wife were fabulous new “finds” for me as well from these last few months.


Tiny companions photographed by Greg photographed by Dink


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