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cloggo: Must try and post something sensible soon, something deep and philosophical like Jude does. Still if I did folk would think someone had hacked my blog.

How about we swap passwords and blogs for a day, Cloggo, to get a real appreciation of each other’s “work” on here? I would find it almost impossible to be you; in fact I’d never pull it off … so vive la difference, as the Normans used to say.

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Wishing you a great year ahead and hoping it will include another trip to Oz.

lots of love Jude xoxo

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Tea Party Jesus speaks here for Bill O’Reilly. In other posts on this inspired blog Jesus speaks for any number of other whackos who have bent Christianity to their own ends. Clicking on the images takes you to the source of the words - they’re real. After all, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

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Sam Pickett asks: What do you love?

pickett closeAs all my friends know, there is a pedant in me and I have tried in the past to section it off by attributing such irritating behaviour to a Mr Pickett.

Now Mr Pickett had a life for over a year at a now moribund network we won’t name, and the funny thing is many people related to him as they relate to “real” teachers and/or authority figures — whether they realised it or not.

So in my role as pedagogue I attracted some with a hunger to learn and challenge themselves; some with a need to please; and others who just liked to perform and obviously never stopped being precocious children, deep down.

There was of course also the odd dominating personality who was quite rude about Mr Pickett.
The mind boggled as to what some of those trolls and jocks were like at school — were they like that or does the internet give them a new obnoxiousness?

Anyway all this is a prelude to what I came here to tell you: Mr Pickett, after a couple of tentative beginnings, is back and has a home on Tumblr.

He is beavering away on some ideas right now and anticipating some input from you. You can go and have a look now if you like, but the “lessons”, or tasks, call them what you will, probably won’t appear till tomorrow (depending on when your tomorrow is).


In the meantime, I would like to set the mood.

Neither he nor I intend to get you bogged down on anything dull here, we want to be very clear about this. And neither will we settle for imitations of Obama, TXT or Facebook/Lamebook speak or any copy/paste unless it’s done extremely well.

To help Pickett, who also answers to “Sam”, pitch his questions and at the same time introduce yourself to other Tumblrs, please answer any of the following that “speak” to you:

1 ~ What ideally would you like to learn in “class”?

2 ~ Any favourite colour or family of colours (since we may use a lot of visual aids)?

3 ~ Please provide an A-Z of something or some things you love.
This should come easily — as a set of verbs, adjectives, nouns or names already lying in your heart, so DON’T LOOK UP ANY BOOKS FOR THIS!
We want to live in the here and now and we want to be ourselves; in this respect it won’t be like school at all.

Answer any or all of 1 2 and 3 using whatever means you prefer — the comment box, a reblog or a post of your own that we can link to. And see you there!

And if you don’t yet know about “ask” ASK somebody! Easy!

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Too much Lady Gaga? What to do about the deluge?


I love Lady Gaga but can’t take this constant invasion of my dashboard much longer.
To keep or drop? What do you, say, people?

I wish we could customise what lands in our dashboard, or have it sorted intelligently as in Google Reader. Because I don’t want the likes of a Stumbot (any post) or a Scott Grand yarn to get buried in the avalanche.

Not so hidden message … cutbacks are in progress here to try and maintain some balance.

As I see it, it is thousands of keystrokes and some pause for reflection unfairly pitted against pictures that required nothing more than hitting “reblog” and “post”, and that’s not a fair deal for words.


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Eight posts a day max or you’re out! ;=)


I have come to my first crossroads at Tumblr, or maybe I should say CROSS roads.
I’ve been on here for 4-5 months now and am subscribed to 134 Tumblelogs, with many others bookmarked. This has turned out to be far too many to manage, given that I read/view a great deal outside Tumblr as well.

I am also trying out Twitter for the first time and learnt only last night (no-one told me?!) that Tweets can be diverted right into the dashboard here at Tumblr as well. Which makes for a very crowded dash.  
So to avoid feeling defeated before I even begin, comes a time to cull …  
The problem most of us have with Tumblr, of course, is that we’re deluged with photo posts, which have obvious instant appeal but unfairly drown out a lot of good but quieter offerings.  
What I am actually looking for and enjoying the most could be summarised as

~ unique voices and story-tellers
~ “curators”, by which I mean people who fossick and choose items sparingly, or pause as well for reflection on what is being offered
~ beautiful design (I can’t resist it)
~ arts — but offerings you don’t see every day
~ original or oddball humour
~ established friends from an old, almost moribund, network (they know who they are)
~ English eccentrics
~ unusual photos




The crush-meter gives an unfair advantage to frequent posters and those I’ve followed from the start, of course, but I’m certainly proud to recommend them: from the top left, Cloggo, TapwaterJackson, Handa, i12bent, ElleDark, Stumbot, Master-Li, Foxesinbreeches, Hookersorcake



Obiously I am committed to those guys — plus quite a few others — but now here’s the bit that will cut some visitors to the quick if they have been posting too enthusiastically for me to keep up with:

I have decided on what I will call the Cloggo principle, which is to say: if you’re posting more frequently than him I’m going to have to let you go. Cloggo goes at a pace of about eight items a day and — this part is important — holds himself back.

That holding yourself back, or pausing for reflection or a reread before hitting “reblog” or CTRL C/CTRL V is as important as the blogging itself, IMO.

If you are one of those who post 100 pix a day, eg, you’re probably young and just haven’t “found yourself” yet. But take it from an old crone … you’re not going to “find yourself” by trying to be first or most with everything.  
On my old network, Stumbleupon, I quit subscriptions because people were overdoing it just as frequently as I dropped those who had vanished. Because it was clear they didn’t really give a shit what they put on their page.

I’m talking about people who think everything they see on the internet is “awesome” and might be a means of connecting with others; or who send every photo they take to Flickr or Facebook and then Tweet or “stumble” it as well.  
I have to let people like that go. They drain my (limited) energy and in Tumblr they invade my personal space as well, via the dashboard.

Those I stop following (soon) willl still likely be on my radar though — on an RSS feed or bookmark — I’ll just settle for seeing one post in 10.


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Back from a week in the Bahamas. As beautiful and idyllic as that part of the world can be, I’m still more inspired by that train wreck sitting alone at the end of the bar than by an orange moon over water. I’ll be posting two new stories over the weekend.


So you probably needed the “orange moon over water” as a rest from the interesting, and yet I bet something filters through from that too. Welcome back, Scott; will pounce on the new stories — Jude


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There. He felt it again. The whole house had unmistakeably slid toward the retaining wall, as if inching toward edificial suicide.

(Photo: Jason Schmidt, Dwell, February 2010)


Unhappy Hipsters finds pictures of modern architecture and “ideal homes”, and simply recaptions them.

But unlike most one-theme blogs on Tumblr (and other networks), this one has enduring appeal and even depth. The author is more than witty and insightful; he or she is dealing in truths disguised as humour.

Given the charmlessness (to me) and austerity of current and recent design concepts, and the hollowness of material values and conformity, this is a huge subject boiled down beautifully into — I shudder to say Twitter, but Twitter-length stories.

Best of the best!


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This consistently interesting Tumblelog, or blog really — modestly headed “Ordinary Finds" — is devoted to visual and other arts.

It is anything but “ordinary” in terms of subject matter and background info exploring the “finds”.

One of my favourites.

(Photos below by Flor Garduno, featured as part of a Mexican theme i12bent has followed in his(?) latest entries)

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