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Well now I’ve finally got it. Julian Assange was brought up in an Aryan supremacist cult — the snow-white hair is no accident! The cult (“The Family”) was set up by a theosophist along the lines of the Nazi “Lebensborn” breeding program; and the Pirate Bay also has Nazi connections. Anna Ardin is a double agent. Join the dots and you end up in Illuminati territory; Assange DOES equal Saddam, or Satan, as American TV has been saying all along!

I have spent a good couple of hours trying to make sense of the logic and theories here, since these and similar ones have done the rounds of crackpot conspiracy sites and forums, and appear to be believed by many.

Well … at least this line of inquiry from Assange to Illuminati balances, or maybe neutralises, the other theory doing the rounds — among 911 “truthers” and some pro-Palestinian groups — that WikiLeaks is an Israeli PsyOps project.

Mainstream Australian papers — which have no interest in defending or protecting Assange — have mentioned two facts that the conspiracists ran with. Julian’s stepfather was thought to have had a relative who was in The Family, and his parents broke up acrimoniously three years after they married.

Maybe mum Christine will say more at some stage but really we don’t know. All *I* know is that Julian is extraordinarily intelligent and well read. The pseudo-scholars and academics with PhDs and crackpot websites and radio shows can safely be disregarded.

As can Fox News, which also spreads the idea that he’s disturbed and deranged. Here’s “Dr Keith Ablow” of Fox’s “Medical A-Team”: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2010/12/14/dr-keith-ablow-inside-mind-julian-assange/

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